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GPIRA would like to thank the Mandaree Rodeo Committee and 4 Bears Casino for hosting our 2018 Region Finals this weekend September 7th & 8th at Mandaree ND. $3000 added in the open events! $1000 in the Jr and Sr events! Be sure to get entered with Amanda before Tuesday!


Entries for the Lucky Mound Rodeo in Parshall, ND on August 10, 2018 will open on Monday July 30, 2018 from 6-9pm. Details are in the calendar. There will be non-sanctioned Indian Relay Races on 8/9/18 with a very large purse! All details are in the calendar. There will also be a pow-wow held in conjunction with the rodeo and races..


The points and results are posted for the Sandhills Stampede. The rodeo committee and the association would like to thank everyone who helped keep the rodeo grounds clean! 


The Region Rodeo draws will be posted on the bottom of the 2018 Schedule page the day before. 



B1.3.18 Outstanding Financial Obligations. No membership renewal in any
membership category will be processed if the applicant for renewal has any
delinquent or outstanding financial obligations due to the INFR or to any


The 2018 INFR Rulebook is available online at


Internet entries for White Shield Tour Rodeo open on 6/29. If you haven't already purchased your INFR Membership Card now is the time to do so!


The INFR will hold a drawing on Saturday, October 27, 2018 for a 2018 Chevy Silverado 4X4 Crew Cab Short Box LT at the final performance.

Raffle tickets are available for purchase for $20 each or 6 for $100. 

**NEED NOT BE PRESENT TO WIN** Contact Amanda for further details.


If you are using Internet Explorer and are having trouble viewing the 2018 Rodeo Schedule try using a different browser such as Google Chrome. On the top left above the calendar there should be two arrows to advance the calendar forwards and backwards.


Event Directors and GPIRA membership: There will be a conference call with the GPIRA Officers and you on Tuesday, December 12, 2017. Members if you are unable to participate in the call please visit with your event director beforehand and they can update you regarding the new 3-year INFR contract. 



All GPIRA Region Rodeo and INFR Tour Rodeo applications must have the approval of the GPIRA Office. Please contact Troy or Amanda.


***Rodeo Committees*** 

Be sure to check out the tab for available Stock Contractors and their contact/stock information. There is also a listing of current INFR Personnel card holders.


Judges, timers, bullfighters, announcers, stock contractors and other miscellaneous arena help please visit to print the membership application and either call/fax or mail in your payment to the INFR Office for the 2018 Rodeo Season.

Meeting Minutes include finals dates, finals bids and other info!