Important Rulebook Reminders

Per the 2018 INFR Rulebook:

B2.2.5 Entry Fees. All entry fees are to be paid in cash.

B2.2.5.1 Nonpayment of Entry Fees or Related Fees. Any contestant that competes in any Region or Tour rodeo and does not pay his/her entry fees in full at the rodeo will be ineligible, on first offense, to participate in the next two (2) Region or Tour rodeos. A second offense will result in suspension for the remainder of the rodeo year. 

B2.2.4 Turnout in Slack and/or Performance. Turnout during the slack and/or performance shall result in a fine of $100 per event, plus entry fees per event. Notified draw outs will be charged $100 per event and have up until 2 hours prior to rodeo start time to give notice of draw out. 

B1.3.16 Tour and Region Rodeo Approvals. A Tour or Region rodeo must
have scheduled all eight (8) major events in order for it to be approved as a
sanctioned rodeo. All Tour rodeos must have approval by the INFR Commission with applications being submitted 30 days prior to the Tour rodeo. All Region rodeos must be recorded with the INFR office at least 30 days prior to the rodeo or otherwise have approval from the INFR office.

B1.3.18 Outstanding Financial Obligations. No membership renewal in any
membership category will be processed if the applicant for renewal has any
delinquent or outstanding financial obligations due to the INFR or to any

B2.2.1 Failure to Adhere to the Arena Dress Code. All members (men and
women) shall wear a cowboy hat or safety helmet, a long sleeved cut and
sewn button-up shirt with a collar (properly tucked in) long pants, and cowboy
boots in the arena,...Failure to adhere to this arena dress code
shall result in a $100.00 fine per article of clothing per performance or section
of slack in violation of the code. A fine will be assessed on a member
contestant where his/her non-member helper or assistant enters the arena
and fails to adhere to the Arena Dress Code.

Jeremy Meeks
2016/2015 INFR Saddle Bronc Champion
Kaycee Werdel
2016 INFR Qualifier
Steven DeWolfe
2016 INFR Qualifier